Fairing Repair Kit

$ 39.95 plus $2.90 shipping



Have you noticed an unusual vibration in your faring? Is it hard to see out of your fairing mounted mirrors? 
Well, more than likely your upper fairing bracket have broken and we have the fix. The Fairing Repair Kit byBagger-Parts is the ideal repair for broken upper Bat Wing Fairing Brackets. 

The top mount by design is weak. Typically the tab will break off if the motor mount has wear placing additional vibration in the fairing but normal riding will also make this bracket fail. The kit is design to work with the Electra GlideUltra Classic, Street Glide, Electra Glide Classic and Electra Glide Standard Fairing.

This kit will repair both the left and right side so that you will never experience this problem again. The cost of this repair kit is a fraction of the replacement cost of the complete support bracket and plain on spending about three hours removing the original support bracket. This Fairing Repair Kit install in less than 10 minutes.


$ 39.95 plus $2.90 shipping


Installation is Simple: 
Simple remove the outer fairing and remove the ¼ - 20 screw from the inner fairing. Place the Fairing Repair Bracket in place and light return the ¼ - 20 screw to the original location. Then with a pair of vise grips clamp the front of the bracket. With the supplied drill bit drill three holes. Assemble with the three supplied 10-32 screws and lock nuts. Once completed finish, remove the vise grips and finish tightening the ¼-20 screw into the inner fairing. Return the outer fairing to its original location and you're finished.


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