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If you are looking for a way to protect your motorcycle gear? Kick Start Creative Services have developed a custom solution that not only protects, but provides a finished look to Harley Davidson’s fiberglass saddlebags.
These Liners will fit perfectly into 1994-2011 FLT fiberglass saddlebags. These liners are perfect for Road Kings, Elcetraglides, Road Glides and the new Street Glde. These bag liners are removed easily for cleaning and one set of liners will complete the look for both the leftand right saddlebags. These custom fit liners install in less than five minutes and are made from durable wear resistant material. These liners have been sewn with a serger to provide the highest level of quality that will last for years.


$79.00 Free Shipping


Harley Davidson

$79.00 Free Shipping

Installation is easy!
Simply apply velcro strips to the rim of the saddlebag and drop into place.
Simple and Quick!

*So stop wrapping your gear in cheesy tube socks and beach towels and start accessorizing your saddle bags with SoftSide Liners.
Hand Crafted and Made in the USA..


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